The Pre-Primary years in De Paul School inculcates in children the quality of curiosity, exploration, and discovery in a fun-filled safe, and happy learning environment with a flexible curriculum that takes into account the heterogeneity of the learner and learning style.

We follow the kindergarten way of teaching and focus on five aspects of learning that provide a comprehensive framework for a child’s development at the pre-primary level -Communication, language, and literacy which helps a child to pass on his/her thoughts, information, and ideas presented by the use of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Problem-solving, reasoning, and numeracy- a child gradually knows numbers and counting in play, eventually recognizes and uses numbers to develop mathematical ideas and solve problems. Creative development- helps in self-expression through art and craft, sound play, music, etc. General awareness- about self and his/her surroundings. Physical development- through motor skills where a child learns to coordinate their movements into efficient running, throwing and catching, etc.

Age Group: 3yrs – 4yrs

Classes: lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten

Subjects Offered

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Second Language (Hindi / Telugu)

  • Environmental science

Children are also Taught

  • Drawing: the basic concepts of drawing are taught in an easy and interesting way. This increases the fine motor skills of the tiny tots.

  • Handwriting: Children are taught the right strokes of good handwriting thus giving a good foundation.

  • Games: Children have regular games period where they learn in a play way method. Also, playing with children of same age group makes them more understanding towards others.

Teaching Strategies

Emphasis is laid on acquiring linguistic, logical ability and nurturing multiple intelligence to stimulate interest and attention among students by adopting innovative methods like-

  • Play way method: Holistic development of children is catered to by following a flexible way of teaching with lots of activities.

  • Story telling: Lessons are taught through various stories which are interesting to the children and it makes language learning easier.. this also develops their listening skills, gives wings to their imagination and improves social skills

  • Audio-video: Audio visual aids are used to make the lessons more interesting for the Children. Digital aids like Tata class Edge is used for better understanding

  • Group Activities: The lessons are imparted by engaging the children in group activities.

  • Live demonstration: Live demonstrations are given by the teachers where ever possible to make the concepts clear.

  • Hands on learning: Various activities are planned so that children get hands on experience

  • Sandpaper and air tracing: The basic alphabets are taught in this way to make learning fun filled.


  • Children learn communication skills at a very early stage.
  • The fine Motor Skills of the students are developed
  • Children develop early Mathematics Skills

  • The Creativity of the children is increased

  • The Social Skills increase while indulging in group activities with other children which will prepare them for a life of learning and empower them to make positive contributions to the world around them.

Assessment and Evaluation

Continuous Assessment and evaluation is taken throughout the year.

1st Mid-Term Examination 1st Semester Examination 2nd mid – Term Examination 2nd Semester Examination
Conducted in end of July/ beginning of August Conducted in September end/ October beginning Conducted in January Conducted in April

The assessment of students learning process in Pre-Primary level is continuously monitored and evaluated by worksheets, objective tests and oral tests.