About De Paul School

Fr. Johnson Jacob CM

Principal De Paul School, Ukkunagaram

Fr. Johnson Jacob CM

It is very exciting to be leading De Paul School at this time, and a genuine privilege to be entrusted with the education of some of the brightest and most impressive young girls and boys in the country. De Paul is a thriving, motivating, and purposeful place built on an ethos that draws significantly on the enduring values of the Indian Enlightenment. Examination success, whilst an impressively notable feature of the school’s reputation, is really just part of the picture of a students’ intellectual, physical and social development throughout their time at De Paul. Indeed, a love of learning and a passion for the greatness of the past, the dynamism of the present, and the opportunities of the future remain essential to the daily life of the students. Furthermore, an astonishing range and depth of opportunities exist beyond the classroom, be these in Music, Sport, Debating, Drama and so much more.

Our nurturing of each individual students’ talents to his/her personal fulfilment is such that there really is no other typical De Paul student. What our students have in common is that they emerge from De Paul as articulate, confident individuals with a strong sense of their places in society, ready for university and the wider world. Interestingly, the moto of De Paul is “Towards Excellence and Relevance”. Given the inevitably changing nature of what will be considered professions in the years to come, it will be very important for our young children to have a pure academic grounding in order to be in a position to choose their path in the future. Thus, we remain true to our moto, and indeed with practical, contemporary purpose. Ultimately we are proud of our tradition of producing independent, often pioneering young students with the drive and confidence to make the most of opportunities and to make a difference in the world.

You will, I hope, come and see this for yourself at one of our Open Days, or separately. Either way, you are always welcome to have a chance to experience the energetic atmosphere of the students, their teachers, and the entire family of De Paul.