Student’s Feelings

D.Navya, IX D


Transformation of a child into a student and a student into a responsible person is a very important phase in everyone’s life, especially the growth frame of a child into a student plays a prominent role. It is the time phase where parents try to give their best for the growth of their child not only in the field of education but also in various activities and the best place for acquiring such great knowledge in different fields is ‘DE PAUL SCHOOL’.

The congenial atmosphere, greenery, the best teaching staff, class rooms provided with smart class, library, computer labs, co-curricular activities, study tours, excursions, literary clubs, service units, science club, NCC, Scouts & Guides and the encouragement to discover and invent new things are all present here. The most important thing is that the students are all well disciplined as they are nurtured with love and care, by their our ever loving teachers.

De Paul gives equal importance to education and sports. Education here is taught not only by the explanation given by our teachers but also with the help of smart class through visual effects. Sports Day is celebrated every year and this is the time where the students show case their talents in the field of sports and the best ones will be awarded.

Exuberanza an inter school cultural fest is the event where the students of De Paul School with the other neighbouring schools participate in different fields and try their level best to bring pride to their schools.

Every year comes to an end filled with extreme happiness and satisfaction. We present it through Annual Day and Fun Fair. Each and every student and teacher will be proud enough to say that they have acquired something new and useful.

D.Navya, IX  D

E. Likhitha, X C

Do you remember your school?

My School, My School, I’ll never forget you.

When I saw you, for the first time

I started crying,

But you took me with a lovely smile and glorious looks,

Into your precious womb.

And taught me the things which I don’t know

And made me the best in you.

My School, My School, I’ll never forget you.

Your are the one, who shared my joys and sorrows

You are the one, who entertained me and

You are the one, who supported me

You are the one, who taught me

But now here comes the time

To go away from you

But remember that, you will be proud enough

When I come to see you

But still I promise you

I never forget you.

My School, My School, I’ll never forget you.

Till my death.

E. Likhitha, X  C