Beyond Academics

Shakespearean English Literary Club

Literature gives wings to budding students who are extremely talented and have a love for languages. It encourages them to their views in a poetic, dramatic and artistic way and also enlightens them with new experiences. It gives them unique perspectives. It allows them to explore the world of imagination and keeping this in mind the Shakespearean English literary club aims at creating enthusiasm in students with art and style of expressing themselves vividly, innovatively, and eloquently. The teacher-in-charge of the Shakespearean literary club along with the student in charge organise several activities to boost the self-confidence of the students

Club Activities

  • Rhymes, Recitation competitions are conducted for the Pre-Primary children
  • Story Telling, Speech and Essay Writing competitions are conducted for the Primary and Upper Primary children
  • Poetry Writing, Speech, Debate and Declamation are conducted for the High School children

  • Students get the opportunity to participate and win awards in various inter-school literary competitions