Keeping in mind the holistic development of our students, at De Paul Ukkunagaram, we follow a curriculum that provides excellent learning opportunities for the students. Our endeavor is to incorporate all the elements of learning that are required for the present Era. To achieve the desired learning outcomes the mentors here are equipped with all the necessary teaching skills.

The curriculum we follow at the primary level (class1- 5), provides the students with a strong foundation in all the subjects. The curriculum is set in such a way that learning becomes a pleasurable activity and the students grow eager to explore more. The cognitive skills are boosted thus paving the way to enrichment of knowledge

Age group: 5yrs -9yrs

Classes 1 – 5

Subjects offered

  • English
  • Second Language (Hindi / Telugu)
  • Third Language (Hindi /Telugu)
  • Social studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer

We also offer the following subjects

  • Moral Education: Regular moral education classes are held to impart moral and ethical values which help the students to differentiate right and wrong

  • Art and Craft: Through the Art and Craft classes, the creativity of our students is enhanced. This helps in developing the fine motor skills and also hand and eye coordination is improved

  • Abacus: Abacus helps in improving the skills of visualization, concentration, accuracy, speed and helps in brain development. this gives rise to a competitive spirit in our students which is so much required for achieving the desired goals in their future

  • Handwriting classes: Handwriting experts train our students right from the very beginning, the right strokes and curves of good handwriting. This enables the students to write in a neat and legible way. 5 marks is allotted for every subject in the major exam

  • Physical Education: Keeping in mind the physical fitness of the students, there are yoga classes and other physical exercises are taught to the students. Games periods are there every week when students can indulge in various sports activities

  • General knowledge: To empower the students with more knowledge outside the text books, we have General Knowledge classes

Teaching Strategies

  • To make the learning experience interesting, fun- filled and everlasting, the students are taken to field trips to places of interest as well as science trips

  • Regular debates, extempore, reading from story books, skits, writing exercises make language learning fun and right from the early years the language skills are refined

  • Science and Social studies become interesting here as students get hand on experience while making the projects on various topics.

  • Regular field trips are also carried out to explore the world outside, thus rousing the curiosity of the students to know more

  • Learning is made interesting by the use of digital aid like the Tata edge Smart Class, where the needs of every type of learner is catered to. This helps the students to understand the concepts in a better way and creates better classroom learning experience


  • Students gain proficiency in communication skills and all the four skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing are sharpened. The vocabulary is strengthened and students master the art of creative writing

  • The students learn to respect and value the regional as well as the national language. They learn to communicate in other languages as well

  • The students become aware of the society around them and what the society expects from them. They acquire knowledge about different places, culture and the environment.

  • Students acquire a strong foundation in Mathematics and their logical reasoning and analytical skills are also enhanced

  • The curiosity about various discoveries and scientific inventions is roused in the students
  • From the primary level itself our students become adept in using the computer and learning itself becomes interesting for them.

Assessment and Evaluation

There are four main Examinations through the year to evaluate the learning outcomes of our students –

1st Mid-Term Examination 1st Semester Examination  2nd mid – Term Examination 2nd Semester Examination
Conducted in end of July/ beginning of August Conducted in September end/ October beginning Conducted in January Conducted in April

Regular assessments and evaluation is carried out through an academic year. Worksheets are given for practice; class tests are conducted after every lesson. Apart from these, oral tests as well as quiz is also conducted in class.