Teacher’s Inspirations

Mrs. SumalathaTeaching has been considered a noble profession by people for various reasons, with one of the most common being that teachers help to educate future generations. More generally, some have described teachers as “agents of the future,” because they help people acquire the skills necessary to take on new challenges and contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

Teachers can also instill a passion for learning that people carry for the rest of their lives, well after they have graduated from an academic setting. A passion for learning is an essential element to progress, especially in terms of innovation. A teacher is also a trek guide. i.e. like someone who has already traveled a path unknown to others and who can help them successfully traverse the journey as well.

There can be no life achievement greater than to have affected the lives of budding sparks in a profound and irreversible way. In any other context this statement might be trite, but in the case of teachers it is irrefutably true: They are the ones who have changed the world for the better.

In this way, teachers have a very important responsibility to develop student’s hunger to acquire knowledge and seek understanding with others who think differently from them, an apparatus for peace in society. This has far-reaching implications, as some people claim that teachers can be a significant force in creating a society that is healthy, peaceful and informed.

We as teachers, have inspired and cajoled, taught and hugged. We have given our hundreds of kids a confident and unconditionally affirming start and sewn their flight jackets with threads of wisdom and joy.

I used to think teaching was a job. And then I thought it was a profession. And now I’m of the opinion that it’s a calling. It’s a very noble calling. You’re a manager when you’re a teacher. You’re managing a lot of disparate personalities all under one roof and they’re doing many different things at once and they’re working on many different levels and they’re interacting. So you have so many variables at play. If you’re good at it, and stay with it long enough, you become a pretty good manager in chaotic or unknown situations.

“Teaching is a noble profession.” I don’t mean noble as in the nobility, the wealthy and powerful aristocracy. There is another meaning to the word; to be noble is to have or show qualities of high moral character. Teaching changed me. Slowly but surely, it made me better. In teaching, you have to teach to everyone. You can’t just aim at the three students who most remind you of yourself. No really good teacher can be a snob. The worst student in the room, the one with a lousy attitude, the one that sits in the corner and never makes eye contact, that one is just as important, more important maybe than the eager one who wants to get an A+. Teaching made me realize that every single student is worth knowing.

Teachers are the agents of the future. More than any other profession, teaching has the power to create a healthy, just, and peaceful world . It has the ability to seed our society with informed, caring and engaged citizens. It has the capacity to inspire lifelong learning and a passion for knowledge, understanding, and innovation Is there anything more important than this?

Happy teaching !!!! Let’s enjoy our profession !!!!!

Mrs. Sumalatha, Teacher