Objective behind taking children to Field trip is to gain knowledge and showing gesture of sharing and caring.

Part of TARUMITRA activity,members have visited ACH GARDEN Terrace garden at NARAVA maintained by Priya madam along with the Orphan Children.
Our students were very generous and charitable towards the children at ARADHANA CHILDREN HOME by giving Groceries and clothes .
Same time students have enjoyed the trip as the Terrace garden is full of exotic varieties of fruits and vegetables, like passion fruit, mulberry,cherry fruit trees,Red lady’s finger, White brinjal,to name some.
Pets were main attraction of the terrace garden.Parrots, Cuckatoo, Finches etc.
Another feature of the garden is Solar Geyser and Solar panels with which they generate their own power..
Students also have learnt to plant a sapling with a proper potting mix; an essential element of proper growth of the plants.
This trip was an exciting and memorable one for each and every member of the club.

Published On: November 17, 2022Categories: Latest News

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